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Welcome to the LUGNUTS Chat Room!


Your Moderators are Joanna, BusterSci, Tim, Donny, Charles, Katie L. and Dstan58. Mons will always be with us, moderating in spirit. We are here for fun, frivolity and cycling fellowship.


If you would like your Nickname and Avatar to display in the Chat Feed, please email Joanna your First Name, Last Name, Nickname, Email Address, Temporary Password and Avatar JPEG here. Then, when you click the message bar in the Chat, where it reads "Click here to join conversation", select the "Rumbletalk" option and log in with the information you provided.


Please, no obscene profanity or vulgarity.

Please, no advertising.

Please, be kind to each other.


To donate via PayPal, click here and send payment to jemgrayonline (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you! Jo

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The HTML Code Box for the Chat Room interface floats in mobile platforms. While it didn't use to do this, it does now. As a result, the Rumbletalk Login panel is generally off-center to the right and may be completely out of sight. 


  • Gradually swipe from right to left to bring the Login Menu into view.

  • Select your Login preference and Login. Please note: the User Name and Password box will also load off center, but will not hinder you logging in.

  • Once logged in, the chat screen unfortunately renders too large, so scroll up and over until you are in the top right corner of the green header bar.

  • There you will see three vertically aligned boxes. Click those boxes, and it will bring up a drop-down box with "Full Screen" as an option, click “Full Screen”. This will take you to the Rumbletalk Public Chat URL.

2024 Archives


2024 Giro d'Italia - 05.04.24 - 05.26.24

Giro Stage 1: Chat

Giro Stage 2: Chat

Giro Stage 3: Chat

Giro Stage 4: Chat

Giro Stage 5: Chat

Giro Stage 6: Chat

Giro Stage 7: Chat

Giro Stage 8: Chat

Giro Stage 9: Chat

Giro Stage 10: Chat

Giro Stage 11: Chat

Giro Stage 12: Chat

Giro Stage 13: Chat

Giro Stage 14: Chat

Giro Stage 15: Chat

Giro Stage 16: Chat

Giro Stage 17: Chat

Giro Stage 18: Chat

Giro Stage 19: Chat

Giro Stage 20: Chat

Giro Stage 21: Chat

2024 Tour de France - 06.29.24 - 07.21.24

Tour Stage 1: Chat

Tour Stage 2: Chat

Tour Stage 3: Chat

Tour Stage 4: Chat

Tour Stage 5: Chat

Tour Stage 6: Chat

Tour Stage 7: Chat

Tour Stage 8: Chat

Tour Stage 9: Chat

Tour Stage 10: Chat

Tour Stage 11: Chat

Tour Stage 12: Chat

Tour Stage 13: Chat

Tour Stage 14: Chat

Tour Stage 15: Chat

Tour Stage 16: Chat

Tour Stage 17: Chat

Tour Stage 18: Chat

Tour Stage 19: Chat

Tour Stage 20: Chat

Tour Stage 21: Chat

2024 Vuelta a España - 08.17.24 - 09.08.24
Vuelta Stage 3: Chat
Vuelta Stage 4: Chat
Vuelta Stage 5: Chat
Vuelta Stage 6: Chat
Vuelta Stage 7: Chat
Vuelta Stage 8: Chat
Vuelta Stage 9: Chat
Vuelta Stage 10: Chat
Vuelta Stage 11: Chat
Vuelta Stage 12: Chat
Vuelta Stage 13: Chat
Vuelta Stage 14: Chat
Vuelta Stage 15: Chat
Vuelta Stage 16: Chat
Vuelta Stage 17: Chat
Vuelta Stage 18: Chat
Vuelta Stage 19: Chat
Vuelta Stage 20: Chat
Vuelta Stage 21: Chat

Mons Memorial Bench Plaque
Mons Memorial Bench
Msr. Richard Soseman "Mons"
Mons Memorial Bench
Mons Memorial Bench
Flowers and Card from City

Rest in Peace

Dear Friend

Mons Bench Location
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